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Magnolia Mall

2701 David H McLeod Boulevard Florence, SC 29501
(843) 669-0725

Let me tell you one thing, Magnolia mall is the best mall I have been through since The Mall of America! From toilets to Jeans, there is almost nothing you can’t find there. The mall was physically beautiful and I dearly enjoyed every moment there.

If you can’t afford a ride to the Mall of America then this is the right place if you live near Florence South Carolina! I restocked on my entire wardrobe. There are many shops such as Macys, Sears, and even the Lego store! I bought a whole lot of stuff during my visit. You may shop at Magnolia mall: Monday - Saturday: 10am – 9pm Sunday: Noon - 6pm. The timings are great in my opinion and the area the mall was is great!

You have to buy time to visit this mall because it is definitely something I will never regret. Most of the store clerks were kind people and helpful. In fact I would have left a purchased item if it wasn’t for a kind clerk! Everyone must go to Magnolia Mall!

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