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International Arts Festival

Francis Marion University
4822 East Palmetto Street
Florence, South Carolina 29502

Each year the International Arts Festival in Florence, South Carolina is hosted by Francis Marion University. This incredible festival takes place in the early spring between late March and early April. It is an event that transforms the University into an array of diversity and inspiration. With all the thought and detail that goes into this extravagant event, it is sure to make an impression that will last.

The International Arts Festival has the work of dozens of artists from around the globe displayed throughout the campus. Art is not the only kind of creativity you will find here, there is also music, dancers, performers set up on stages around campus and food from countries near and far. Performers come here from all over the world. At one stage you may see a group of Japanese Taiko Drummers while at another you might catch a glimpse of a Hawaiian chief performing a hula with fire. If music is more your scene then you will be sure to catch a great show because the festival brings in some great musicians that have astonishing talent.

The event organizers at this festival have put a great deal of thought into making this day very enjoyable. They bring talent in from across the world to inspire and allow each person to embrace the different cultures and artists from all walks of life.

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