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Florence-Darlington Technical College

2715 W Lucas St Florence, SC 29502
(843) 661-8324

Florence-Darlington Technical College in Florence SC is a technical college with programs in many areas including, Cosmetology, Welding and Cutting, the Caterpillar Dealer Academy and a CISCO training lab as well as Health Sciences and many more. Multiple campus exist to provide the greatest access to classes and programs.

The online college options are expanding as well as the physical sites and campuses. With more options comea the ability to take classes in more ways and to give more flexibility within programs and opportunities for study. The Advanced Manufacturing Center has opened and provides new and exciting opportunities for study including the National Robotics Training Center of Excellence and a rapid prototyping lab. There is also a 3D/Virtual Reality Center, an 800 seat auditorium and a conference center.

As times change Florence-Darlington Technical College in Florence South Carolina is changing and growing with the times. The role of advancing new technical education proves to be invaluable in the rapidly changing environments of business and innovation. Florenceā€“Darlington Technical College is providing opportunities to many with the specializations being demanded in the marketplace.

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