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Darlington Motor Speedway

1301 Harry Byrd Highway Darlington, SC 29532
(843) 395-8900

Do you love NASCAR? If yes,then you must come to Darlington Motor Speedway. It is a traditional NASCAR raceway,and yet more challenging because the track is an oval, but each end is different than the other, making it more challenging for drivers and crews. It has been nicknamed "The Lady in Black" or "Too Tough to Tame".

Darlington Raceway is often sold out for its Mother's Day weekend Sprint Cup race, which may enable the track to continue to host a Sprint Cup Series event in future years.

Darlington Motor Speedway was the first super-speedway and one of the first NASCAR establishing pillars. Some notable historical moments are when Bill Elliott won the three NASCAR "crown jewel" races, winning the season opening. Another remarkable moment was on March 16,2003 when Ricky Craven edged out Kurt Busch by .002 thousandths of a second.

In the 21st century it's still remains true to the original idea of what NASCAR racing should be - fast,intense action,so the fans could cheer about. It's a notable raceway for the drivers too,as it's egg shaped form is hard to handle,many of them are also calling it .

If all the above gained your attention and desire, then come visit Darlington Motor Speedway and take in the Mother's Day Weekend Sprint Cup race!

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