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Carolinas Hospital System

1590 Freedom Blvd Florence, SC 29505
(843) 661-3900

Carolinas Hospital System is a pioneer medical service facility at Florence. It is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of health care needs. The team comprises of around 260 physicians representing variety of specialties in almost every health care service.

With eleven dedicated operating suites handled by professional and expertise surgeons, it has a specially designed open heart surgery facility. Every operating suit is fully equipped with latest laser and endoscopic procedures including ophthalmological surgery, neurosurgery and vascular surgery, gynecological and orthopedic surgery. The other major departments handle services of diagnostic, emergency and trauma, cardiac, cancer, women’s and children’s health, alcohol and drug recovery and rehabilitations, pain management, breast cancer and mammography.

There are also three dedicated cystoscopy procedures for urology using specialty imaging capability. To its credit, Carolinas Hospital System is Medicare certified and Regulated by the SC department of Health and Environmental Control. American college of radiology has accredited its MRI and Mammography. Its laboratory is accredited by College of American Pathologist and Clinic Laboratory Improvement Act. The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission has accredited its rehab centre. On top of all Carolinas Hospital System has got the Gold Seal Approval from the Joint Commission.

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