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If you have been bitten by the travel bug and looking for a unique experience, City of Florence is just the thing for you. Originally founded in 1890, this city boasts of an unusual blend of small-town charm and southern hospitality together with all the modern amenities.

There are just about a million things to do here –hitting a golf ball, visiting historic sites, digging around for antiques, taking part in auctions, learning to shag, play tennis, just to name a few. Darlington Raceway is also nearby for those racecar fans. This is the place for the NASCAR Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Southern 500 on Mother’s Day weekend. There is plenty for the nature enthusiasts too. The scenic river ways, wildlife and 600 acres of recreational parks would make your stay memorable. There are also recreation complexes like Freedom Florence, performance theaters, orchestra, ballet and museums available.

Proximity to I-95, I-20 as well as U.S. 52, U.S 301, and U.S 76, makes this place easily accessible. There is also Amtrak and regional airport. So why wait? Florence beckons – maybe for the best experience in your life.

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