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Delta Junction

Area: 17.3 square miles
Population: 840 (2000 census)
County: Southeast Fairbanks

Things To Do

Deltana Fair - July 26-28, 2002 has concessions, horse show, rodeo and a mud bog that draws competitors from all over Alaska.

Sullivan Roadhouse take a glimpse into an early Alaskan roadhouse. It was relocated to Delta Junction during the summer of 1996 and refurbished as a walk through museum. Adjacent to The Visitor Center. Built in 1905, it is the oldest roadhouse in Interior Alaska. Free admission, operated by the Delta Chamber of Commerce. Open in the summer 9 to 5.

Delta Junction, with an area population of 4500, is the true end of the Alaska Highway. From here, going north or south, you will be traveling on the Richardson Highway, which starts in Valdez mile 0 and ends in Fairbanks, mile 364. The town is spread out around the two major highways (Alaska and Richardson) and services are provided by numerous businesses. Delta Junction is also the site of a permanent maintenance station for the trans-Alaska pipeline.

There is approximately 70,000 acres of land under cultivation in the area around Delta Junction. Barley is the main crop but others are being grown also. The long summer days give high yields, and there is much interest being shown by the rest of the country.


Delta Junction was originally called Buffalo Center and was a construction camp during the building of the Richardson Highway. The Richardson was a wagon road in the early 1900's but was upgraded to accommodate automobile traffic in the 1920's. Delta Junction is now trying to develop new economic ways to sustain its growth and move away from it's dependence on the military.


Delta Junction Hospitality and Information Center at the junction of the Richardson and the Alaska Highway. Stop in for a comprehensive Visitors guide. Open daily 8am to 7:30pm, 907-895-5069, 1-877-895-5068. The Mile Post in front of the building is an excellent photo subject.

Post Office on main highway next to Kelly's Motel.

ATM in Diehl's Delights and National Bank of Alaska in downtown Delta.

Emergency only 911: Alaska State Troopers 895-4800.


Delta Texaco downtown Delta Junction, 907-895-4067. Gas, diesel, propane, tire sales and service, wheel alignment and balancing. Food Mart. Free coffee, water and dump station. 24 hour wrecker.

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