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Costa Rica Islands


a biological reserve, about 12 miles west of the Drake-Bay. The island is not inhabited and has archeological meaning. Round big stones and other finds have been made. One says it once was a religious burry place, however, even scientists fight about it. In the ranger staion, only they are allowed to sleep. The waters around the island are good for diving. Another rumour is that the priate Sir Francis Drake would have burried a treasure on the island. Same is said about the Drake-Bay, from which excursions to CaƱo Island start. They also offer trips to the island from other places like Quepos, Dominical, Sierpe or Puntarenas, but from these places it is very expensive because of the long boat trip.

Isla de Coco

is the largest uninhabited island in the world. It is located 300 miles from Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean and has the size of 24 square kilometers. There are uncountless waterfalls, wild pigs, goats and coconuts. The island is said to be the treasure island from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, which has a real background. People are sure that important pirate treasures still remain on Cocos, for example the legendary church treasure of Lima as well as others. Many expeditions have tried to find one of them. August Gisler, a German, was one of the most famous treasure hunters. The government of Costa Rica even made him governor of the island in the beginning of the century. He tried bringing German families to have company and help in the searching. After 30 years without success, he gave up and died as a poor man in New York. Today, Cocos is being watched by some park guards. The only treasure found is the great nature. The island is home of many endemic species of animals and the waters around Cocos are the ones with the most sharks on our earth. Tours are offered by the ships Undersea hunter and Seahunter as well as Oceanos. People have to sleep on board. A 10 day diving trip costs about US$ 2500 including everything. Not easy to afford, but sure an unforgettable adventure.

Isla Tortugas

is a small rocky island in the bay of Nicoya and has a famous beach. It is used as a background on many commercial posters. The trip to the island from Puntarenas, Playa Tarcoles or Playa Montezuma is very popular. It is good to relax, swim or dive.

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