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Clear Creek River Rafting

Whitewater Class - III - IV

The Clear Creek River is the closest raftable river to downtown Denver, only requiring a 30-minute drive west. This steep, narrow and technical river winds through the historic mining valley of Idaho Springs and contains more rapids than most commercially rafted rivers in the state. The river is open for rafting from May all through July.

This area also boasts beautiful mountain scenery, with an abundance of wildlife. If you watch carefully during your time on the river, you can see muskrat, beaver, deer, bighorn sheep, and even an occasional bear or mountain lion.

The Clear Creek River has an average gradient of 67 feet per mile, and over 100 feet per mile on the advanced sections of the stream. For an exciting advanced trip, you will experience a drop of over 1300 vertical feet and weave your way through 30 major rapids. However, this relatively small stream also offers trips for adventurous beginners and intermediate rafters with rapids generally Class III-IV.

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