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Central America

Although it seems Central America is very familiar to most through both print and online publications, this place is never out of new things to display and wonders to amaze visitors.

Comprised of a land roughly as big as the state of Texas, Central America is loaded with so many different interesting cultures, outdoor adventures, beaches, diving spots, and wildlife. Let us not forget that majestic remnants of Mayan civilization are still here as well.


Despite its relatively small territory (especially when compared to the US or South America), Central America is the place where at least 20 Maya languages are spoken, with Guatemala serving as the center of the indigenous cultures. This is like a melting pot where numerous totally different cultural backgrounds have assimilated in perfect balance to enrich an already dynamic society. Throughout the regions, you will see the footprints of Spanish colonials not only in form of physical buildings like majestic plazas, but also in daily activities.

African culture has been planted in the heart of Central America as well thanks to immigrants from the continent. In the course of the last century, Europeans, Asians, and North Americans cultures also brought profound enrichment. Modernity, indigenousness, historical stories of great civilizations, great foods and beverages are all there to be found in Central America.


There are seven countries officially recognized as parts of Central America. In total, they have more than 300 volcanoes and long tropical coasts, providing large enough playground even for the most adventurous souls. Too many options are available: exploration of indigenous territories, majestic sights of old Spanish fortress, rainforest, and water-world excitement of scuba diving and beach relaxation. Nature and its wildlife in Central America are almost conservationists’ dreams.


Although Mexico is not an official of Central America today, the ancient Maya’s territory actually stretched from the current Honduras and Mexico. The ruins of Mayan civilizations can be found in five different countries; each has its own appeal in both mysterious and exciting ways.

In Guatemala, there are the lost temples of Tikal which make their grandeur appearance, reaching the jungle canopy. Iglesia La Merced in Granada, Nicaragua has been standing in the right spot for a majestic sunset sight since 1854. In Antigua, Guatemala, a catalogue of impressive colonial relics is a charm nobody can afford to miss.

For those who desire simple relaxations to enjoy the gift of life, it is good to know that Central America is located right between Pacific and Caribbean filled with world-class scuba diving spots and beaches.

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