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North By Northwest Gallery

Culture on the Shore: Experience the art gallery North By Northwest which is located in the downtown city park of Cannon Beach between the breaking waves of the Oregon shore and the Oregon Coastal Highway. The Oregon Coastal highway was also known was the historical Route 101 of great western lore.

Explore all of Oregon and it's beauty, the great outdoors of Clatsop State forest on the border of Oregon and Washington state and enjoy the outstanding fine art reflecting the great northwest that is displayed at North By Northwest gallery that features Pacific Northwest Artists.

Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska native jewelry include bracelet incorporating stylized spiritual animals characteristic of the Northwest Coast peoples which were used during ceremonies. It is a learning experience to observe the historical displays of the north west coast , art glass, ceramics, sculpture and paintings make this a world class art gallery.

Although opened year round with many exhibits both indoors and outside, there is an yearly event called the Annual Spring Unveiling Art & Sculpture Without Walls Festival, which is one event that should not be missed by anyone. For more information go to the homepage of the North by Northwest gallery located at

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