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Icefire Glassworks

The Icefire Glassworks is located in Cannon Beach Oregon. This is an art gallery that is truly unique from the inside out.

Inside, there are huge varieties of art pieces that have been done by a lot of different artists. They have a variety of sculptures and paintings for patrons of the gallery to observe and to enjoy while they take the tour through the Icefire Glassworks at Cannon Beach. They have a wide array of participation events that are never the same thing twice.

This building is actually made out of a variety of recycled materials, like metal and the remains of a shipwreck. The doors have hinges that are made out of recycled material. The same goes for the roof, which is made out of metal that was recycled.

The gallery also has art works that are only there on a temporary basis, so you will always see something new at the Icefire Glassworks. So, if you find yourself in Cannon Beach, Oregon in your travels, you should definitely visits the Icefire Glassworks.

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