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Haystack Rock

If you are planning a trip to Cannon Beach, don’t miss your opportunity to visit the famous Haystack Rock. At low tide this protected Marine Garden, jets out of the ocean at an impressive 235 feet. This landmark is one of the most photographed, not just on Cannon Beach, but the entire Oregon Coast.

Haystack rock is ranked as the third tallest freestanding rock in the work that can be reached by land. This unique rock is home to many various species of marine life, and birds. The Tufted Puffin, Western Gull, and Cormorant all inhabit this rock. In 1990 the rock was officially designated a Marine Garden, and National Wildlife Refuge. While this rock is open to visitors, climbing on the rock, removing, or otherwise disturbing any of the creatures located within 300 yards is completely prohibited. During the summer months, at low tide is one of the best times to visit Haystack Rock. At this time, volunteers conduct informational presentation for visitors with portable aquariums, and provide bird-spotting scopes.

This unique natural formation is truly an amazing experience to partake in. In addition to seeing the rock in and of itself, it is both fascinating and educational to learn about the marine life and birds that call this rock home.

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