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EVOO Cannon Beach Cooking School

Meet Bob Neroni and Lenore Emery, owners of the EVOO Cannon Beach Cooking School and restaurant! Bob and Lenore have years of experience in the culinary field. Bob graduated from Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York and Lenore has spent her life as a culinary educator.

The number one ingredient used in recipes is extra virgin olive oil. The school offers a variety of cooking classes including; artisian bread making, omelets, pizza, appetizers and many more! Most classes tend to be several hours long and are mainly in the afternoon, so plan ahead for your awesome cooking class! Chef Bob also has his own show, where he teaches others to cook like him. In addition, there is the chance of a lifetime-of going backstage on the show with Chef Bob to learn how to cook with hands-on experience! In addition, you can choose to be the sous chef of the day, an exciting experience certain to make a long lasting memory!

The school is located at 188 S. Hemlock in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

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