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Cannon Beach History Center and Museum

The Cannon Beach History Center and Museum can be found in Cannon Beach, Oregon. This historical society began in 1960.

The Cannon Beach History Center and Museum has a wide variety of attractions within it. It has a classroom in which people can learn all about Cannon Beach history and culture. This classroom setting is designed for both children and adults. They have a studio in which people can go and listen to the history of Cannon Beach as well.

The museum offers an area in which people can go to view the artifacts that have accumulated at the museum. There is a Native American longhouse that's on permanent display for patrons to view. The museum also has available a variety of exhibits that are "on tour", so there's often something new to see. The museum has music programs and a quilt show that is done on a rotating basis.

With so many activities to see at the museum, you should definitely check it out if you are in Cannon Beach.

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