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Bruce's Candy Kitchen

Indulge your sweet tooth and visit the sensationally sweet Bruce's Candy Kitchen in Cannon, Oregon, A family owned and operated charming store, Bruce's Candy Kitchen is filed to the brim with homemade tasty treats and candy sensations. Pamper yourself with mouthwatering confection and make Bruce's Candy Kitchen the highlight of your next trip to Oregon.

Bruce's Candy Kitchen originates from a family tradition of confectioners and has been a staple of Cannon Beach Oregon since 1963. A picturesque white and pink striped storefront opens to reveal a treasure trove of sweet confectionery wonder. Watch as employees make delicious salt water taffy that melts in your mouth. Visitors are treated to barrels and shelves filled with every candy and confection you can imagine. Enjoy freshly made chocolates, truffles, salt water taffy, gummy delights, hard candy, brittle, flavored corn and caramel candy that will have you singing in delight.

Bruce's Candy Kitchen unlocks your inner child and is a truly a magical destination that both children and adults will adore. Pamper yourself and indulge in a freshly made treat, Bruce's Candy Kitchen is an enchanted escape from every day life and a fabulously sweet destination.

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