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Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club

The Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club is one of Alberta, Canada's best locations to suit your golfing needs in the most exceptional ways with its wide range of courses, events and beautiful scenery.

This fine Country Club provides a variety of Golf-related services such as private and group lessons, and special clinics to help improve your game. Depending on the time of the year, different fees and Value Golf packages are offered to best suit our customers and give them a unique and personalized golfing experience. For the more advanced players, membership packages provide a better option, while booking for tournaments is available by contacting the Event Manager. The Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club can also be the prime location for your wedding thanks to their beautiful vistas decorated by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.

With its prime location in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, The Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club is the go-to destination for Golf enthusiasts and beginners alike looking for excitement in the unique high mountain courses; as well as people looking to celebrate events that will create lifetime moments in the most thrilling and fantastic ways surrounded by the finest mountainous nature of the region.

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