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Rocky Mountain Ropes Course

Located a mere twenty minutes away from Canmore, Alberta, the Rocky Mountain Ropes Course (RMRC) is the premiere destination for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore Canada's Bow Valley in a whole new way.

The professionally supervised rope course allows you to climb from treetop to treetop in a completely safe environment, while experiencing the intensity of unharnessed climbing. Participants are guided on their two to two-and-a-half-hour journey by licensed professionals using UIAA-approved safety equipment. The course is punctuated by over a dozen treetop platforms from which to visually appreciate the beauty of the surrounding forest. The course culminates in a zip-line that will take climbers on an exhilarating trip back to the forest floor. Second only to safety, the environment is one of the RMRC’s top priorities. The course is designed to prevent environmental damage, and the vast majority of the course's resources are made from recycled materials, to prevent waste.

The Rocky Mountain Ropes Course promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience for outdoors-men of all ages and experience levels. To book your trip today, call 1-888-267-2624 or go to

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