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Ha Ling Peak

If you want an opportunity for some great recreation of the physical activity type, whether you are alone, with a small group or with your family, pack your backpack and take off to Ha Ling Peak. You will enjoy the hike to the peak. Ha Ling Peak is located at the northwestern end of Mount Lawrence Grassi.

The climb will provide so much excitement from the word 'go' that will prompt you to make it a regular practice to visit the place whenever you are in the Canmore area. People choose Ha Ling Peak for many reasons. In addition to the spectacular climbing experience, you can also have an amazing view of the Bow Valley once you reach the top of the peak. Take your time when you hike because you may find the peak short but steep as you move up the slope. The surrounding mountains will offer a terrific panorama, and at that altitude, there are cool breezes to keep you cool in the summer.

When you finally climb to the top, you'll find that your hike up Ha Ling Peak proves to be something that you'll long remember. Only when you make a visit to Ha Ling Peak you come to know why it is among the top attractions in Canmore.

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