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The Grotto Canyon

The Grotto Canyon near Canmore, Alberta, is a great hiking destination. Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, this is a wonderful place to hike and sight see.

Very popular in the winter season, this trail provides breathtaking views of mountain ranges and frozen riverbeds. Follow the trail along the frozen creek, and up to the "his and hers" Grotto Falls. It can be slippery with the ice, so wear the right shoes and consider bringing spikes or some method of traction!

One of the most popular trails in the area, the trail to Grotto Canyon is not overly demanding and is friendly to hikers of all ages and ability. The trail is marked with a large sign, and begins in the forest. It opens up and allows for hiking partners to travel together. Once you hit the frozen river, follow it along an even elevation for a unique view of the canyon - from the floor, as opposed to above. Once you reach the canyon, you can find a piece of history. Hopi Indians have written on some cave walls, and the faint markings can still be seen today. These drawings are over 2,000 years old, so be sure to look and not touch!

The Grotto Canyon is a relaxing and beautiful place to be, no matter the season. Bring a friend or family member along and enjoy the view!

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