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The Cornerstone Theatre

The Cornerstone Theatre is an exciting venue that is located in Canmore in Alberta, Canada. This is a theatre and hall that is open for many different people to enjoy. They offer a wide variety of concerts and musical recitals at the Cornerstone Theatre. They also are the Theatre that is known for the acclaimed Oh Canada Eh? show that many people enjoy.

This show goes all the way from springtime to autumn. They have many different events during the year at different times, so there is constantly something new going on at the Theatre. People can book the theatre for their own activities, such as parties or even weddings.

The Theatre offers a variety of different meals for patrons to enjoy when they are there. They offer musical guests and a wide variety of cultural events. Some activites that they have are karaoke nights and camps for children to come and learn all about theatre. They also have been known for some excellent comedy acts. With so many different activities and fun for the whole family, you should not miss this venue.

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