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Canomore Nordic Centre

If you want to make this summer vacation totally different from the previous ones, all you need to do is to take your family to Canomore Nordic Centre near Canmore AB. From cross-country skiing to hiking to mountain biking, the Centre has everything to offer and generate a lot of excitement to the visitor.

The trails made available by the Canmore Nordic Centre will create endless entertainment. Rightly so, the Centre was built for hosting cross-country skiing and biathlon as part of the 1988 Winter Olympics. The Centre will also keep you busy with recreational facilities during all seasons. Situated at the foot of Mount Rundle in the Canadian Rockies, the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park is part of the Kananaskis Country park system. A popular location for international cross-country events, the Centre was renovated in 2005 to play host to the cross-country World Cup.

The Canmore Nordic Centre also takes immense pride in providing a long stretch of world class cross-country and biathlon trail systems that are specifically designed to match international standards. Another prominent aspect that will impress you at the Nordic Centre is the illumination of a 6.5-kilometre stretch of track for night skiing.

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