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Canmore Winter Carnival

Come February, cross-country skiers will be getting ready in unprecedented numbers to be part of the famous Canmore Winter Carnival. Such is the thrill that the 10-day event generates that it's imperative you and your family members should make your presence at the festival to live those fun-filled moments in person. No doubt, the free celebrations and events will make winter more interesting than ever.

What a spectator gets to see at the Canmore Winter Carnival includes the International Biathlon Union Cup Races, Xterra Triathlon and Chandra Crawford's Fast and Female Ski and dog sled race events that are conducted on a snow-covered Main Street. What will impress you the most is the incredible transformation of the Main Street into a cross-country ski track a day before the commencement of the Carnival, with truck loads of snow brought in to cover the road to turn it into an ideal track.

Other activities available for the public comprise of street hockey, ice carving, log sawing and snow sculpting. Fun challenge races, jackrabbit races, and free ski loan are some of the other prominent events that will provide more memorable events at the Canmore Winter Carnival.

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