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The Canmore Nordic Centre

The Canmore Nordic Centre is truly an amazing place because it was actually designed for use in the Olympics. There are a wide variety of activities for patrons of the Nordic Center to enjoy all year round.

They are known for their long and intensive ski trails. They also offer a wide variety of ice skating for both new skaters and professional skaters. Another activity that is offered to patrons of the Canmore Nordic Center is facilities for biathletes. These are just some of the activites that are offered in the winter. In the summer months, they offer disc golf, mountain biking, and hiking trails for patrons of the park.

At any time of year, you will be able to indulge in their café, which is a good place to refuel after a long day of having fun. They also offer a lodge with showers and lockers for people to use while they are enjoying the Nordic Centre.

A wide variety of sports activities are offered at the centre at all times during the year, so you will always find something to enjoy. Don't miss the Canmore Nordic Centre when you are in the area.

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