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Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre

Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre is located in Canmore, Canada. The museum began with a group of people that wanted to show off the some remnants of the old school. The museum is known for having exhibits that deal in the history of Canmore.

The Geoscience Centre of the museum focuses on the geology of Canmore. The museum has a wide variety of collections from various historical activities that have taken place in Canmore. They have a lot of artifacts from the Olympics, which is one of their extensive collections. There are many different collections in the museum to see, some that are always there and some that are traveling exhibits. One display that they have that is always there is an exhibit having to do with the history of coal miners in the area. They also have a variety of scientific discovery items for children to explore. They have a community garden for people of all ages to peruse and enjoy.

The many activities and educational opportunities make this an attraction that you should try not to miss. If you are in Canmore, definitely stop in to visit.

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