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Canmore Highland Games

Highland games and festivals are very common in Scotland and in similar countries because they are designed to be celebratory of Celtic and Scottish tradition. There are many cultural traits that are uniquely Celtic.

At the Canmore Highland Games, a person can expect to see many unique actives. They can see the caber toss game. They will be likely to hear a lot of bagpipe music. It will be a common thing to see men in kilts. There are various activates that people who attend the Canmore Highland Games can participate in as well. There is will be a lot of dancing and drum music to enjoy, as well.

The Canmore Highland games are in their location because of a historic Scottish event that took place. The Canmore Highland Games are a unique highland games activity because of the location as well as the people that participate in the festivities.

This event always takes place on whatever Sunday that Labor Day weekend falls on. Dance competitions and demonstrations of sheep dogs are something to look forward to at the Canmore Highland Games. A person can expect to have traditional food and drink at the games as well. Don’t miss the Canmore Highland Games if you are in the area.

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