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Canmore Golf and Curling Club

Golf has always been a game for the rich and famous and for golf lovers the best place to spend quality time is at Canmore Golf and Curling Club.

The Canmore Golf and Curling Club. is located in the beautiful city of Canmore, Alberta Canada and was established in the year 1926. The golf course itself is located in the bow valley surrounded by the majestic mountains in the distance and the bow river flowing close by. The romance and scenic beauty of the place cannot be explained in words one has to visit the place to get the feeling.

The golf course at Canmore Golf and Curling Club has been designed by the famous architect Les Furber, having 18 holes the golfers enjoy their game in the serene surroundings. There are more than 800 members including adults and youngsters and the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. The club has a reputation of providing the best service be it a wedding party, a corporate function or any other event taking with you happy and unforgettable memories when you leave.

The Canmore Golf and Curling Club is 'The Pride of Alberta' don't miss the chance to be part of this pride.

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