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The Canmore Folk Music Festival

The Canmore Folk Music Festival takes place in Alberta, Canada. It brings in people from all over Canada and the United States to enjoy the festivities. The Canmore Folk Music Festival is a huge attraction that lasts for a total of three days.

The music festival is full of folk music acts from all around the world. There are a ton of activities for kids to partake including theatre acts, puppet shows, and various arts and crafts activities. People can come to the music festival knowing that the environment is friendly for kids and a lot safer than some other music festivals that exist. This music festival is a good attraction for people of all ages because they don't have alcohol at the event.

The Canmore Folk Music Festival can be found at Centennial Park in Alberta. This park is right at the bottom of a valley, which is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. This location is a beautiful sight to behold, while you are enjoying some great music with friends and family. If you are in Alberta during this time, you shouldn't miss this great show!

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