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Canmore Children's Festival

The Canmore Children's Festival is a great time for all children aged 3-10 looking to have a fun filled day with their family and friends.

This well talked about family festivity is located conveniently indoors at The Canmore Collegiate High School so weather will never be a problem. Lots of fun festivities for all children who enjoy many different exciting activities such as the comical musical featuring Al Simmons, showing off your talent with arts and crafts, being amazed by mystical magic, special exhibits and listening to fun stories that will be sure to catch your interest.

There are 3 different programs at different times that you are able to attend. Choose the one that best fits your families time, needs and interests. The Yellow program is in the morning, the red program is in the afternoon and the blue program is in the evening. Tickets are in limited amounts for each program so be sure to get your tickets today!

What's better than spending the day with your children learning and have fun at the same time! Your children will thank you!

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