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Brewster’s Kananaskis Ranch

If you are even a little into golfing, Brewster’s Kananaskis Ranch in Alberta, Canada should definitely be of your interest.

Brewster’s Kananaskis Ranch is an 18 hole hotspot to golfer’s looking to kick back, relax, take in some beautiful scenery and enjoy a quality game of golf. Brewster’s Kananaskis Ranch is set along Canada’s Bow River, and is within eye view of the Rocky Mountains. This means that while golfing you have incredibly gorgeous scenery to gaze at. Even if you are not a golfing enthusiast and only enjoy the game a little, the scenery should prove to be enough incentive for you to go.

The ranch’s golfing season lasts from April into October, giving you a large window to be able to plan your trip. The course is very large, and every new hole feels like a vastly different experience from the last. You can expect to spend a lot of time traversing the entire course and finishing your game.

If you have ever thought of going to Canada and enjoy golfing in the slightest, you should have some very good incentive to book it at Brewster’s Kananaskis Ranch. Between the breathtaking scenery, and unique, varied, and difficult 18 hole course there should be no reason for you not to.

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