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ArtsPeak Arts Festival

The ArtsPeak Arts Festival in Canmore, Alberta is an exciting annual event that showcases the arts and culture of the surrounding Bow Valley. Automotive enthusiasts will also enjoy the impressive car show on the last day of the festival.

A weekend event in the middle of June, the ArtsPeak Festival offers visitors a chance to see and experience the works of local painters, photographers, writers, and performance artists. The event attracts hundreds of visitors each year from around Canada as well as some international travelers. There is an emphasis on offering artists, from aspiring talents to professionals, the opportunity to socialize and participate in workshops. Even the least creatively-inclined, however, will find something of interest.

Check out the main event (usually on a Saturday). Open to everyone, it’s filled with a diverse collection of exhibitions ranging from pottery and animated filmmaking to poetry and music performances. Afterwards, don’t miss a chance to browse the handiwork and crafts created by local artisans. Catch a poetry reading, a writer’s workshop, or the popular car show the following day!

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