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The Annual Festival of the Eagles

The Annual Festival of the Eagles is an event that always takes place in October in Canmore, Canada. This festival is located right in the Rocky Mountains and celebrates the beautiful eagles that can be viewed there. It's in October that the birds make their way south, so this is when this festival event is held.

The Annual Festival of the Eagles brings in people from all over Canada and the United States. This event is a huge favorite for both amateur and professional photographers because of the amazing sights to be seen. There are a variety of presentations that people can watch throughout the festival as well. Each year there are different special guests that appear to give various shows. The festival gives people a chance to enjoy the eagles and learn all about their travels. Annually, people can purchase passes that they can use to get into the event for its duration.

Additionally, the festival offers various films about eagles, which patrons to the festival to enjoy and learn from. If you are in the Canmore area during your travels, don't miss the Annual Festival of the Eagles.

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