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Canada is a vibrant multicultural country full of stunning natural beauty landscapes. From glaciers, to towering forest, to Arctic landscapes, and bustling metropolitan cities, Canada's diverse landscape will delight visitors of any age and from every walk of life.

The second largest nation in the world, Canada offers travelers endless miles of rugged wilderness, metropolitan cities and fabulous destinations to explore. Canada country spans the sea, it's monumental borders reaching from the Pacific to Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. This sprawling landscape features ten distinct provinces each offering their own charm and multicultural diversity. Canada is a bilingual nation with two official languages, French and English, and proudly honors a rich multicultural history with citizens from corners all around the globe.

Visitors can explore any of Canada's world class cities, sensational multicultural destinations like Montreal, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Toronto and many more. More adventurous travelers can explore Canada's natural wonders and impressive array outdoor activities. Canada is a premiere destination for outdoor enthusiasts offering world class hunting, camping, fishing, hiking and adventure sports. From Dinosaur Park, to Niagara Falls, Arctic rugged landscapes and Canada's Rocky Mountain range, Canada offers thousands of premiere outdoor destinations to marvel at Earth's beauty. Canada offers travelers everything: from sleepy fishing towns, to rugged untouched wilderness, to thriving metropolitan cities, and gigantic shopping malls.

From iconic maple leaves, to wild bears, to world class multicultural museums and events, Canada is more than just a destination, it's a memorable experience of a lifetime.

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