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Southeast Georgia Health System-Brunswick Campus

Southeast Georgia Health System-Brunswick Campus 2415 Parkwood Drive Brunswick, Georgia 31520 Phone: (912) 466-7000 Website:

The Southeast Georgia Hospital System - for All Your Medical Needs

Southeast Georgia Health System is a pair of hospitals located in Brunswick and Camden. For the last 124 years, the member hospitals have provided healthcare across southern Georgia, and are now regarded as a high quality source of medical care in the region.

Brunswick Campus in Brunswick, GA is a premier hospital just inland of the Atlantic Ocean on the Georgia coast. A major medical and surgical center which treats approximately 50,000 ER patients per year and last year admitted over 14,000 patients for a variety of procedures and surgeries. The hospital is within a seventy-five mile drive of North Florida to all of southeastern Georgia. Southeast Georgia Health System is uniquely capable of providing a diverse range of health care solutions for people across southern Georgia. The compact network of hospitals is more than able to handle any health issue its patients might have.

The entire campus is ultra modern, with capabilities to perform the most technical testing and screening available, and with over 200 highly trained physicians in virtually every area of medicine. Additional staff of over 1300 makes the hospital one of the largest employers in Glynn County. As a non-profit healthcare system, the hospital offers the highest quality of care at reasonable cost. Well known and liked by local residents, the system has been offering healthcare services to the surrounding community for over 100 years. With its high quality team of doctors, and 316-bed acute care center, the Southeast Georgia Hospital System - Brunswick Campus is one of the most popular hospitals in Georgia, and the only major hospital within a 150 mile area.

Today, the Southeast Georgia Health System is a leading provider of affordable medical care that integrates hospitals that are small enough that physicians are able to pay individualized attention to their patients with advanced facilities that are able to respond to any medical issue. The Brunswick campus is a leader in bariatric medicine, as well as cardiopulmonary, while the Camden campus is known for its acute care facilities.

The System combines hundreds of years of physician expertise with the most advanced technology now available to create a convenient and local healthcare solution for Georgians in need of medical help. The degree of attention to detail, and treatment available at the hospital, should make it the absolute first choice for everyone within driving range. If you are in the area and in need of a physician, medical advice or treatment, then this is the one destination you will definitely want to visit.

When visiting Brunswick, make your reservation at:

Brunswick Comfort Suites
220 Gateway Center Blvd
Brunswick, Georgia 31525


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