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On the inward curve of Georgia's Bight sits a part of American history. This is the location of the Port of Brunswick. It first gained recognition as being a port in 1789 when the Fifth Act of Congress was by Preside George Washington.

The port became prosperous quickly and remained that way until the War Between the States. The prosperity was due to the areas ability to ship several products around the world. The War Between the States slowed the prosperity briefly and the Port of Brunswick reached its peak right before the Great Depression. The port played a large role in the war efforts for both World War One and World War Two. The Merchant Marine had 99 liberty ships built here. This boosted the activity through this period but it declined again after these wars.

In order to prevent closure, the Brunswick Port Authority began building facilities on site. Now called the Georgia Ports Authority, they are heavily involved with encouraging international trade for the deepwater ports and the inland barge terminals. They currently own three facilities at the port. This effort has helped the Port of Brunswick elevate to being among the east coast's most productive ports.

Major automotive companies ship cars to and from this port as well as many other products including heavy equipment, wood pulp, paper products, limestone, and perlite.

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