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Painted Planet School Of Art

The Painted Planet School of Art is a great way for children and adults alike to reflect there interest in astronomy and art. The institution serves in a certain way as both a learning center and a museum. Although, it has stuff for adults the building is really mostly just a place where young children go to learn about how to draw finer pictures of outer space.

The organization was founded in the mid 20th century. The founder stated that the main purpose of the school of art was to help teach people how to appreciate culture via the use of art. Although not an official school, the organization is like an alternative form of an elementary school. Thousands of people learn how to appreciate culture and become better artists here each year. The building even has classes.

Although not very popular among adults the school is example popular for children particularly young children.Thousands of people under the age of 8 come here each year to learn about how they can become better artists. In fact for people of preschool age the institution is one of the most popular in the entire town of Brunswick Georgia.

Painted Planet School Of Art 4501 New Jesup Highway Brunswick, GA 31520 Phone: (912) 266-1201 Website:

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