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The Historic Ritz Theatre

The Historic Ritz Theatre 1530 Newcastle St Brunswick, GA 31520 Phone: (912) 262-6934 Website:

The Historic Ritz Theater of Brunswick Georgia, or the The Golden Arts and Humanities center, is a strong reflection of the rich culture of Georgia. The is Theater involved mostly in the performance of live speakers. Few actual videos play. Also, the Theater is involved in changing the world via the use of practices such as recycling and education.

Largely due to it s location in Downtown Brunswick, a semi violent city in the south, the Theater has implemented security. Due largely to the local culture of the region the Theater is strongly connected to the baptist church of the region , and many of the more powerful employees claim to be Christians with strong faith. The Theater also hosts famous artists and even helps out hospitals at times.

The Theater is moderately popular for a building in Brunswick Georgia , it is visited by thousands of people every year but it is not the regions main cultural building. However the Theater does have excellent days when famous actors come to perform at it, and although not a billion dollar institution it has well over the amount of money it needs in order to survive.

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