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Gallery On Newcastle

Gallery On Newcastle 1626 Newcastle Street Brunswick, GA 31520 Phone: (912) 554-0056 Website:

The Gallery On Newcastle in Brunswick GA The Gallery on Newcastle in Brunswick GA is a unique and historic building of 1888, which was purchased as well as restored historically in 1999 by artist Janet Powers along with her husband Paul Stanton.

The Gallery on Newcastle is located in the historic downtown of Brunswick. It aptly showcases the works of Janet, which includes the lush green oil landscapes of the salt marsh seen locally, along with 18 other popular artists from the Southeastern part of U.S. The antiques and artifacts from Indonesia, Mexico and China are an exemplary and additional contribution to the compliments that the Gallery deserves.

The artists, whose works are displayed here, include English Gardens Designs by Anna English Messer, Susan Dauphinee, Derec Roache, Louise Eaton, Harriet Goode, Mary J. Volkmann, Lin Hilf, Claire Hopkins, Al Stine, Alex Powers, Lynn Whipple, Sandy Umhoefer and many others. The building held the credit of being the first Edo Miller funeral home that evolved from a mourning place to a gallery, which played a great role in the celebration of fine arts. It is included as a wonderful place of attraction in Brunswick, GA.

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