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Frederica Golf Club

Frederica Golf Club 100 Pikes Bluff Dr, St. Simons, GA 31522 Phone: (912) 634-6900 Website:

If you love taking your wood to the fairway and your putter to the green, there are few places as good as the Frederica Golf Club in Brunswick, GA to enjoy your favorite sport. Located right on Pike's Bluff Drive, this 72-par golf course opened up in 2005, and has been doing incredible business every since, attracting all sorts of people from all over the country with its superior golfing experience.

The course is located in beautiful Saint Simons Island, and is a very large course of over seven thousand yards. Its riverside location offers golfers some of the most beautiful greenery in the area, and the Thomas Fazio-designed course truly has lived up to the great hype which surrounded it shortly before its opening.

The club doubles as a fantastic place for weddings, vacations, romantic getaways, and family excursions. With everything the Frederica Golf Club has to offer, it's truly no wonder that people have been flocking to the club every since its relatively recent opening. Those who have visited the club have raved about its course.

Whether your reason for visiting is golfing, vacationing, or just getting away from all of your stress for a while, you will find exactly what you are looking for at the Frederica Golf Club.

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