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Credle’s Shrimpin Excursions

Credle’s Adventures Lady Jane Shrimpin Excursions 1200 Glynn Avenue Brunswick, GA 31520 Phone: (912) 265-5711 Website:‎

If you have never been shrimpin’ before, you are truly missing out on an extremely fun family outing. With Credle's Adventures Lady Jane Shrimpin Excursions, based in Brunswick, Georgia, you will be taken out on the Lady Jane, a restored boat built many moons ago, will get to enjoy the open sea, and will be able to catch yourself and your family a delicious shrimp dinner.

People have been raving about the experience they’ve had sailing the open seas on the Lade Jane. Children, especially those who have never been out on a boat before, will absolutely love the experience, and those interest in any kind of marine biology will love the ability to see and catch various sea critters.

People who just love to eat will appreciate the freshness of the shrimp caught, and will love to fry them up and eat them down. Shrimpin’ is an extremely fun, exciting, and unique family activity, and you should truly consider it the next time you are in or near Brunswick.

Tickets cost around forty dollars for adults, and twenty five for children, and it’s an experience that you and your family will never forget. It's no wonder that people all over America have raved about shrimpin' on Lady Jane.

When visiting Brunswick, make your reservation at:

Brunswick Comfort Suites
220 Gateway Center Blvd
Brunswick, Georgia 31525


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