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The College of Coastal Georgia

The College of Coastal Georgia 3700 Altama Avenue Brunswick, GA 31520-3644 Phone: (912) 279-5700 Website:

Basic Information on the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick GA College of Coastal Georgia, a state college popularly known as Brunswick College was established in the year 1961. This public college located in Brunswick; a major urban area in Georgia, has a beautiful campus in 193 acres.

The college offers many technical programs and various degrees in different faculties. The college which had been a two year institution developed its position as a four year institution very recently and it possesses more than 3000 enrolled students.

The five main academic divisions offered to the students are; Mathematics and Natural Science, Health Science, Education and Teacher Preparation, Applied Technology and Business, Humanities and Social Science. Besides these, it offers many other associate programs which include Hospitality Management, Radiology Science, and Nursing etc.

In addition to the academic benefits, the students are provided with extra curricular activities, so that they can develop mentally and physically. Besides the affordable tuition fee and distance learning facilities, it also supports eligible students with financial aid. Almost 80% students are provided with some kind of grants and financial aids.

In order to gain the goal of accommodating more than 6000 students by 2020, the College of Coastal Georgia is now planning to expand its Campus Center.

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