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Coastal Pines Golf Club

Coastal Pines Golf Club 1 Coastal Pines Cir Brunswick, GA 31525 Phone: (912) 261-0503 Website:

Brunswick, Georgia just 30 miles north of Florida located on a harbor at the Atlantic Ocean with mostly humid subtropical weather. Within the city off highway 99 is a hidden treasure of a golf course owned by Claire and Wade Carruth, a husband and wife team.

It opened on December 2001, offering tee times staring before eight in the morning with ending tee times ending around two in the afternoon. The greens are bent grass and hold a variety of water hazards that make the course interesting and a challenge. A reasonable fee was applied by the owners so attending the course is not out of reach by your average joe. It flows with green mounds with wetlands surrounding the area as well as pines standing majestically for this picture perfect golf course.

According to several reviews it is definitely the best deal in the area. Other courses don't offer the uniqueness and best bang for your buck especially in hard economic times or great times! Take the time to judge for yourself and be prepared to be very satisfied with your own review.

When visiting Brunswick, make your reservation at:

Brunswick Comfort Suites
220 Gateway Center Blvd
Brunswick, Georgia 31525


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