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Caresouth-St Josephs Hospital

Caresouth-St Josephs Hospital 106 Anderson Way Brunswick, GA. Phone: 912-437-3473

The Caresouth St. Joseph’s Hospital is a 24 hour hospital which serves 11 counties including Liberty, Brantley, and Evans. It is conveniently located just off the New Jessup Highway on 106 Anderson Way in the city of Brunswick, GA.

Caresouth St. Joseph’s Hospital offers quality medical care and social services as well as certified home health care. The hospital offers a variety of specialty services including speech therapy and occupational therapy. It also offers a 24 hour call service. It is certified by Medicaid/Medicare as well as accredited by Jcaho. The hospital offers certified Home Health Aides as well as a skilled nursing staff.

Caresouth provides top quality homecare professionals. Poll results suggest that 98% of their referral services would recommend their care to a friend or family member. Caresouth has been successfully providing homecare for 25 years and has ranked nationally in emergent care and hospitalization.

As the St. Joseph’s hospital is managed by Caresouth, it has the benefit of being managed by a recognized and successful agency.

When visiting Brunswick, make your reservation at:

Brunswick Comfort Suites
220 Gateway Center Blvd
Brunswick, Georgia 31525


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