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Veterans Homecoming Week

2206 W. Hwy. 76 Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 417-230-2278

The veterans homecoming weeks is a great way for Branson, Missouri to celebrate its cultural heritage and respect those who have risked their life to protect it. The event respects a Midwestern cities courage in supporting American history and being both kind and respectful at the same time in a almost magical manner. However, the event is more then just a show, it actually helps veterans to have more connections and to be more successful.

The veterans homecoming week is celebrated every November 5-11 partially in remembrance of the world war two. Although some world war 2 veterans do indeed attend, world war to was a very long time ago, in turn most of the veterans come from either the Vietnam, Korean, war, or an recent war in Iraq or Afghanistan. The event is most famous for the presence of Vietnam veterans.

Although originally designed for the remembrance, and honor of U.S war veterans, the Branson event is mostly filled with people who have been civilians their entire life. It brings in thousands of people each November and is largely then the classic local Halloween and thanksgiving celebrations that also occur in the fall season.

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