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Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride

8393 East State Highway 76 Reeds Spring, MO 65737
Phone: (417) 338-8449

Uncle Ike's Trail Ride is a one of a kind experience which allows its visitors to horseback ride through the Ozark Hills. They have been offering this unique experience since 1970 and many trails date back to the 1800s.

Now I bet you're wondering, "Who is Uncle Ike?" Well, Uncle Ike was the mail carrier, back when they still rode horses! This amazing establishment is dedicated to him. The trails offered are better than any around. These shaded old trails twist and wind through 150 acres of Ozarks. Uncle Ike's is known for its safety and healthy animals. They pride themselves on their beautiful scenery and love of animals.

Uncle Ike's offers a series of different types of rides, including daily rides, meal rides, and specialty rides. A daily ride is generally 40-50 minutes long. The rider is taken through a long shady trail which is over two miles long! Meal rides are another interesting experience. Uncle Ike's offers breakfast and dinner rides both of which are great choices! The breakfast ride which starts at 7 AM for you and 11 o your friends.

The ride starts with a 50-minute ride before you come to a camp area and prepare to indulge in a delicious breakfast. After you indulge, a 20-minute ride will take you back to camp. Dinner rides are similar but include 8 of your friends and delicious pulled pork. Specialty rides are the most customizable varying from romantic rides to birthday rides. The possibilities are endless!

Uncle Ike's is the place to be for horseback rides. The prices are exceptionally reasonable and the experience is one of a kind! They are open seven days a week starting Memorial week and ending in the beginning of August, then again Labor Day weekend. Uncle Ike's is an experience you do not want to miss out on! Surprise a loved one, give your son/daughter the experience of a lifetime, or just enjoy a quiet ride alone. You won’t be disappointed.

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