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The Titanic Museum

3235 West 76 Country Boulevard Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (800) 381-7670

2012 is the year of the Titanic. Anyone can be a part of the experience by visiting the Titanic museum located in Branson, Missouri.

In 1987, John Joslin and his team co-led, with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, a 6 million dollar expedition of the wreckage located 44 miles below ocean level. After the mission was completed, the team recovered many artifacts and hours of video footage of “ghost-like images.” This was the point where Joslin and the Institute wanted to share what was recovered with the world. A museum was born.

This 25 year old museum allows patrons to explore the history of the sinking of the most memorable shipwrecks known to date. The Titanic museum holds one of the largest collections of Titanic history in the world. Visitors can enhance some their senses by touching wooden inlays or feel an iceberg’s chill. Tours can provide and educational experience for all ages.

This museum holds $4.5 million dollars worth of Titanic artifacts as well as the one million dollar exact replica of the Grand staircase. Patrons can experience passenger’s fate in the Titanic Memorial Room or send an SOS distress signal.

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