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Talking Rocks Caberns aka Indian Creek Caverns

423 Fairy Cave Lane Branson West, MO 65737
Phone: (417) 272-3366

Underground caves and caverns are among the most unique and beautiful treasures of the Ozark Mountains. Some caves are best left to experienced spelunkers to explore, but there are several spectacular caves near Branson, Missouri, that have been made accessible to the general public.

At more than two miles in length, it is one of the longest caves in the region. Also known as Mudd Cave, Indian Creek Caverns is filled with wet, brick-like sediment, so visitors should come prepared to get dirty. The tour takes about an hour and the difficulty level is customized to meet the needs of the group taking the tour. Regardless of whether the easy or challenging route is chosen, visitors are guaranteed to see amazing crystal formations of many colors.

Indian Creek Caverns is the third-longest cavern in southwest Missouri, offering spectacular vistas all along the path. The cave is an essential part of the Branson experience for any family wanting a taste of adventure and exposure to some of the most unique geological formations of North America.

Visitors ages seven and older can tour Indian Creek Caverns any day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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