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Shoji Tabuchi Theater

3260 Shepherd of the Hls Expy Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 334-7469

Have you ever heard of a Japanese country singer? Most people have not. However in Branson Missouri popular singer Shoji Tabuchi performs at his own Shoji Tabuchi Theatre with special guests.

The theatre is located at 3260 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway adjacent to the Pierce Barrow Theatre. During his popular performances Shoji performs with his daughter Christina and his wife Dorothy.

The music is a mix of traditional country, classical, and everything in between. What further excites audiences are his dancers which bring his music to light. The act has been described as a cross between the Wild West and the roaring '30s.This is certainly something that cannot be missed! Celebrating 23 years in the heart of Branson, Shoji has been faithful to the performance that defined him as an entertainer but also added new elements to keep people on their feet.

Not just is the act itself phenomenal the theatre is an adventure in itself. Inside you will find an antique billiards room, gentleman’s club, and more. However don’t worry because this is certainly wholesome family entertainment!

By mixing in Americana with his Japanese culture Shoji Tabuchi is THE act in Branson that rivals shows in both New York and Las Vegas.

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