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Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater

5586 West 76 Country Boulevard Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 334-4191

The Shepard of the Hills Outdoor Theater is an outdoor Theater like many other Theaters in the south the company does not show movies but instead show live people, usually singing folk or country songs. The Theater almost serves as a bluegrass festival institution and features a great variety of both country songs and folk dances, the customers are even allowed to do massive group dances at times in the Theater.

The history of the Theater is one of its most fascinating elements. The Shepard of the Hills Theater is over a hundred years old and has featured thousands of shows over the decades. The Theater is a blatant celebration of both the region and of rugged Midwestern tradition, in a particular way the Theater helps to keep the culture of 19th century America alive.

Right now the Theater is not that popular however there was a time in the past when thousands of people came to visit the theater each year and it was one the most popular entertainment companies in Missouri. Nevertheless, the Theater is still alive and features dozens of shows a year that attract hundreds of people a month.

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