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The Grand Village Shops

2800 West Highway 76, Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: (417) 336-4300

The Grand Village Shops in Branson, Missouri are a charming place where one can spend their time seeking out a special gift. The cobbled streets give these shops an old world feel, and their specialty nature adds to that mystique.

There are over twenty five shops to explore and potentially find the perfect treasure in. There are several different categories that these shops can be placed into. There are apparel shops, gifts and specialty shops, shops that carry toys and books, shops that carry health and beauty supplies, jewelry stores, art galleries, and restaurants. There are also fountains that dot the cobbled paths between shops, making it an excellent place to relax.

The Grand Village was opened in 1993 to give guests to the Silver Dollar City a place to shop and dine. The village was designed to look like the old town version of Charleston, South Carolina. This design included flower beds, tree-lined brick walkways, and many fountains. Since its inception, the Grand Village has become a tourist hit, being named one of the Top 10 Worldwide Holiday Destinations in 2006.

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